Guess Who's Back!

It's me.. I'm back. The title may be on confusing as literally none of you would know that a little over 5 years ago, ya girl had a blog. I know I know, but please don't try and find it because it is now dead to the internet. What can I say, I wanted to be the next Zoella! Turns out as I grow older (crying on the inside) I got some things to say! Bumbling life lessons if you wish, or small business intel. I wrote a couple of pieces for NUA during the beginning of Quar (An Uplifted Lockdown & We Are NUA) and it has reignited my interest in blogging.

I have no real idea yet of what I'm going to write so it will be a good peep into my mind as all topics are on the table.

Stay tuned!

Char x


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